welcome to my corner of the internet!


long time no see! a lot of things have happened in the time i have been gone. i got into my dream school and i will be transferring there in spring! i'm very excited. i have also been working on a secret side project that i'm trying really really hard not to tell anyone about. it's a magazine to document the summer and i plan to give a copy to all my friends who are in it at the end of the summer. i'm having lots of fun learning to use indesign and creating layouts and stuff, but it's at times like this that i really wish i knew how to draw well. i know it would be so much cooler >< i have been very tempted to ask my friends to help because i think it would be fun, but i want as much creative freedom as possible with this project. i'm going to try to pick up coding this website again soon! i've been seeing a lot of neocities stuff onlien and i miss using it! i forgot how fun it was! we'll see if i can handle it on top of like all the other side projects i'm working on LOL i wish i had more time and more arms to do all my hobbies!!
it's so cold lately. not sure what to do today. today might be the last day in a bit where i dont have homework or like assignments to work on. i might work on some sewing projects. there have been some things in my closet that i've been meaning to alter and some items i've been meaning to make. i also want to fix some of the code here but i'm feeling a little sick of being on my computer to be honest LOL

first ever diary entry!
right now i'm just at work. lately there has nothing stuff to do here. i have an on campus job so it's pretty chill for the most part, but this week has been unusually dead and quiet and work-free which i'm not complaining about! i've just been coding and doing homework and writing and goofing off in the meantime which is pretty fun. later today i'm hanging out with some friends and we're going to go see a play at our school.
also! exciting news. i am getting a drum kit next weekend :) one of my friends has an old one that my boyfriend told me about so i messaged him and he's gonna give or sell it to me because he doesn't use it! so exciting. this means pretty much everyone in the garage band that me and my friends are starting are going to have their instruments by next week cause right now it's just me who doesn't have a drum kit and the bassist who doesn't have a bass yet. he's going to borrow my sister's bass guitar indefinitely so we're gonna get him that today. now we just have to decide on a band name.
hanging out with friends was very fun! had a school event which was funner than i expected, the play was good and we got yummy food after :) the pretty waitress said i was pretty! pretty tired now. gonna practice drumming a bit before i head to bed. tomorrow i gotta run errands with my parents and the day after i'm hanging out with my boyfriend. gotta work on college apps too. i just one one more essay to finalize. what a busy life!