welcome to my corner of the internet!

hello there!

my name is echo and this is my little home on the vast expanse that is the web. here, you will find diary entries, reviews maybe, lists (lots of them, i am a sucker for lists) and maybe other things! i intend to use this space as somewhere i can fill and decorate with my interests and thoughts. i hope you enjoy your stay!

i am very new to html/css and all that so this webpage is a very verrryy rough work in progress at the moment! i am not sure how frequently i will update this website or how much work i will get done on it, but im hoping to get it to a point where it looks okay!


here are some of my interests! you will likely see a lot of following here


finally added my diary page! gonna work on the about me page later too. working on making everything look cute right now since i finally have the basic code structure down for most of my pages. if someone who actually does html looks at my code though... uh... sorry in advance LOL
okay, so i fixed the gap above the sidebar! did a lot of work today and now i'm working on making the home page cuter >:) gonna try to work on the diary page and about me page tomorrow.
it has been maybe a week since i started working on this website and learning html. learned to do columns today! trying to get everything to be in the right spot is kinda hard though... trying to figure out why there's that awkward gap above this sidebar :sob:

some of my graphics are from here! check them out!